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About Us

About CCSE

The Centre for Climate and Sustainability Empowerment (CCSE) is a youth led Non-Profit Organization committed to educating, engaging and empowering youth and women in developing innovative climate solutions in vulnerable communities in Ghana to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate Change.

Through our Programs and Projects, we are able to empower all our beneficiaries to fashion out and innovate cost effective climate solutions. CCSE was established to build and support local capacity among climate leaders to produce and create locally adaptive innovative solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation. At CCSE, we challenge the mindset of our entrepreneurs and Innovators to come up with self-sustaining innovations having in mind the Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts.

Educate, Engage and Empower youth and women to develop innovative climate solutions.

One of the leading organizations fronting innovative climate solutions in Africa.

We uphold to diversity, passion, transparency, accountability and probity, honesty, justice, self-reliance, equity and equality across all divide.